Visiting Shurtape Technologies, LLC Avon

Bill Kahl, Shurtape’s EVP Marketing provided an interesting and informative tour of their impressive facility and helped us understand the history of the family behind the famous brand Duck Tape.  The Avon company known as Manco, then Henkel, and now Shurtape is a leading manufacturer of adhesive tape offering products such as Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate®, Shurtape®, T-Rex®, and Kip®.  Rotarians had a chance to marvel at their automated slitter and re-rolling processes and the size of their expansive warehouse, not easily visible from the road.  Bill Kahl generously gave each of us several rolls of colorful Duck Tape as well as the book titled, “Leading from the Heart – Choosing to be a Servant Leader”, written by his father Jack Kahl founder of Manco.