Rotary Four-Way Test Essay Contest

In the Spring,  participating 7th and 8th graders compete in an Essay Contest. All participants are recognized and cash prizes are awarded to the top three submissions.  Papers submitted by the top two awardees are forwarded to the District competition.  Sponsored by the North Coast Rotary Club, the Contest gives students an opportunity to write creatively  while highlighting Rotary’s values.


4 way Essay Contest.png


In the 2017, there were thirteen participants.  Shown below are participants, winners and supporting teachers:

1st Place Kylah Kittleberger -Avon Middle School – Amanda Klamm  Teacher- Being Responsible

2nd Place.  Gary Hurst — Avon Middle School – Amanda Klamm – Bullying

3rd Place.  Madisen Liauw — Avon Middle School – Amanda Klamm – Changing Your Daily Life

Lindsay Homolka, Learwood Middle School, Teacher Emily Lee, Principal Drew Gardner

Elizabeth Barendt – Sheffield Schools

Ava Rodrigues – Mrs. Mitchell Teacher –  Music Education and School Funding

Ella Rudkih – Mr./Mrs. Henderson Teacher  – Fear and How it Shapes Us

Rachel Mueller – Beth Moffat Teacher – The Effect of Names

Sydney Whitehead – Beth Moffat Teacher – Opinions

Elizabeth White – Amanda Klamm Teacher – A Better Society

Emily Sansone – Amanda Klamm Teacher – From a Middle School Girl’s Perspective

Joshua Porchetta – Amanda Klamm Teacher – Uniting Humanity

Sathya Sundaram – Amanda Klamm Teacher – Relationships