Stained Glass Artwork Preservation

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Summer 2017 Rotary Project

Have you seen the student-made stained glass artwork at the Brookside High School and Middle School Office and Media Center?

North Coast Rotarians and friends spent over 200 hours to preserve stained glass artwork made by former Sheffield Middle School students.  (These pieces were previously displayed in the Sheffield Middle School which was demolished when the new combined BHS/BMS was built.)

Former teacher and current Sheffield School District Board Member, Pat Czech took the lead to salvage, and restore the stained glass panels and the bricks used in the office display.

Rotarian and former Sheffield Lake resident, Mark Musial developed the project for North Coast Rotarians to work on, including designing, framing and installing and he worked on every step of the project.

Rotarians Pete Sandrev, Jinnyn Tata, John Daly, Bob Scott, Jim Wenske, Allen Porter, Rob Grachanin, Larry Calabrese, Tom Porter along with Pat Czech and others worked together to build the brick columns and to also frame the smaller windows and place them on top of the book shelves in the BHS/SMS Media Center.

The project took countless hours as the volunteers fit each student-made window into beautiful oak framing which they had cut and stained.  Brookside’s maintenance engineer installed the backlighting to enhance the display of the beautiful colored glass.

The restored and newly framed art is now displayed in the Brookside Middle School Office and in the Media Center.  All supply costs for the project were funded by the North Coast Rotary Foundation.  Lowe’s in Avon graciously discounted their prices for materials purchased.

North Coast Rotary and the Sheffield school district is elated to have students’ work so beautifully displayed in the BMS/BHS building.  Plaques acknowledging the students and the Rotary Club’s efforts were presented to Superintendent Michael Cook by Mark Musial and Rotarians.

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