Avon Storybook Trail Project

Completed October 2020

All About the Trail recognizes North Coast Rotary and Avon Public Library

North Coast Rotary Storybook Trail Project Summary

The North Coast Rotary project/grant included the procurement and installation of permanent frames for the Storybook Trail allowing the project to continue its benefit to the community for years to come as part of a 3-way partnership. Rotarian and Supervisor of the Avon Public Library, Donna Kelly Sprinkle investigated options for replacement of the frame structures and selected the optimum design.  North Coast Rotary purchased the frames.  Once the frames were installed and cleaned and ready to go, the Avon Parks and Recreation Department took over the maintenance of the frames and the Lorain Public Library’s Avon Branch will be placing picture books in the frames each month, April – November and incorporating the Storybook Trail as part of off-site Library events and City events, such as the recent “Not so Scary Halloween Walk.” North Coast Rotary also funded the impressive archway that designates the start of the Trail. The Storybook Trail is highlighted as a family literacy activity on the Lorain Public Library’s Website and each month the new book title will be announced and promoted to the public. 

The original Avon Storybook Trail began in 2018 with wood posts erected around a wooded trail behind the New Every Child’s Playground area and local volunteers from Lowe’s constructed the temporary frames to hold storybook pages. However, time and weather had taken its toll and refurbishment of the “Storybook” component of the trail was necessary as the frames were deteriorating beyond repair.  

Rotary has long supported literacy initiatives, and the Avon Storybook Trail is an exciting way to combine physical activity with literacy. It is an innovative and enriching activity to get people of all ages outdoors walking and reading. Children’s picture book pages are mounted on frames that are laid out on a trail inviting children, families, caregivers, teachers and others to follow along the path.