About us

Rotary brings together people like you – from all walks of life — who want to use their expertise for good. People whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to their communities. Together, we improve people’s lives, locally and globally, through service. With 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide, our global community’s impact has never been greater —and it continues to grow.

Our club offers opportunities for our members — and those interested in making a difference — to get involved. Through meetings, social events, and volunteer projects, our members learn about the issues facing our community and communities all over the world, partnering with local, national, and global experts to exchange ideas about potential solutions and to draw up action plans to respond. Along with these opportunities to serve, members also are able to regularly network, resulting in lifelong friendships and business connections.  We also have a lot of fun — whether we’re socializing or working together on service projects.

Together, we Inspire!  Together, we Connect!  Together, we Transform!


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Club Members’ Names and Club Roles:
Ben Altemus – Member
DeeDee Alvelo – Member
Tom Brock (Honorary Member)
Larry Calabrese – Club and Foundation Treasurer
Mary Crehore – Past President, Club and Foundation Secretary
John Crooks – Past President, 4-Way Speech & Essay Contest Coordinator
John Daly – Past President, Foundation Board At Large Trustee
Loren Dill- Member
Gina Eschke – Past President, Youth Services Chair, Club Board Delegate
Susan Grachanin – Past President
Ben Hodge- Club Board Delegate
Donna Kelly Sprinkle – Social Media
Frank Krempasky – (Honorary Member), Foundation Statutory Agent
Joe Matuscak- Club President and Foundation Board President
Doug Maurer – Past President, District Youth Exchange Chair,  STRIVE Co-chair, Club President Elect and Foundation Vice President
Jan McKay, Member
Dawn Meyer – Member
Bob Murphy – Past President
Susan Poole – Membership Committee, 4-Way Test Essay Contest Chair
Allen Porter – Fundraiser / STRIVE Co-chair/ Club Photographer
Tom Porter – Past President
Cathy Pugh – Past President, Community Programs Chair
Rebecca Russell – Fundraiser Co-Chair
William Rutger – Member
Pete Sandrev – Club Immediate Past President, Membership Chair, Sip & Support Fundraiser Chair, STRIVE Co-chair
Bob Scott – Past President,  Foundation Administrative Coordinator
Jinnyn Tata – Deputy Treasurer, Past President, Foundation Board At-Large Trustee
Jim Wenske – Member

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