Scholarships – High School Seniors, Avon, Avon Lake and Brookside

Scholarships have been awarded by this Rotary Club for many years.  The Foundation determines the amount each year considering fundraising results from the prior year. Since 2011, the dollar amount was increased to $1000 each.

Scholarships must be applied for through the Guidance Office of a student’s respective school.  Scholarships are awarded to candidates who apply and demonstrate their commitment to Rotary’s values of integrity and high standards and their community service.  Scholarships are also awarded to candidates of our Interact program and STRIVE program (when active).

Scholarship applications are accepted beginning in March and decisions are made in May.  Each high school guidance office has the scholarship application forms.  Eligibility requirements include acceptance by and enrollment in a four-year college or university.

Scholarships awarded by year over the past ten years include:

2022:  Elizabeth White (Avon) Jane R. Kuzman Memorial Scholarship, Sydney Ryan (Avon Lake) Bon R. Russell Memorial Scholarship, Gabriela Marsala (Avon Lake) Marilyn Weems Scholarship, Nura Afghan (Brookside) Service Above Self Scholarship, Leah Mussel (Brookside) Service Above Self-Interact Scholarship

2022 Scholarship Awardees!

2021:  Cael Saxton (Avon) Jane R. Kuzman Memorial Scholarship, Elisabeth Lendal (Avon Lake) Bon R. Russell Memorial Scholarship and Marilyn Weems Scholarship, Joshua Eschke (Brookside) Interact Service Above Self Scholarship, Ashlee-Ann Aliff (Brookside) Service Above Self Scholarship

2020:  Brandon Done (Avon) Jane R. Kuzman Memorial Scholarship, Rayana Meyers (Avon Lake) Bon R. Russell Memorial Scholarship, Natalie Baughman (Brookside) Service Above Self, Jennie Thi Phan (Brookside) Interact Service Above Self, Connor Fields (Brookside) STRIVE Scholarship, Sarah Pruzan (Avon Lake) Marilyn Weems Scholarship

2019:  Abigail Davis (Brookside – Interact ), Izze Montgomery (Brookside-Service Above Self), D’Angelo Ward (Brookside – STRIVE), Meghan Waters (Avon – Jane Kuzman Memorial), Patrick Fitz (Avon Lake – Bon Russell Memorial), Kathryn Hawkinson (Avon Lake – Marilyn Weems)

2018:  Alexander Waters (Avon) Jane R. Kuzman Memorial Scholarship, Kaitlyn Mary Brigid Baker (Avon Lake) Service Above Self, Emma Baughman (Brookside) Service Above Self Scholarship, Alexander Sikorski (Avon Lake) STRIVE Scholarship, Melissa Hamlin (Brookside) STRIVE, Sarah Weekman (Brookside) Interact Service Above Self Scholarship, Deena Williams (Avon Lake) Marilyn Weems Scholarship

2017:  Daniel Peganoff (Avon), Josephine Klingshirn (Avon Lake), Jennifer Lyons (Brookside), Madison Buholz (Avon Lake), Madeleine Camp (Brookside), Tayjon Martin (Avon), Tyler Carpenter (Brookside)

2016:  Hailey Acosta, Tyler Simons, Hannah Floyd, Treasure Jenkins, Chloe Hardman (declined post graduation), Pierce Morgan-Bennett

2015:  Kelsey Castrigano (Avon), Kay Butrey (Avon Lake) , Courtney Cook (Brookside), Megan Rozga (Brookside)

2014:  Nicholas Stamatis, Benjamin George, Alexander Spanos, Adam Carpenter, Patrick Campbell

2013:  Jamie Alexander Budhan, Caitlyn Ohradzansky, Steven Van Truong, Alex Portik, Erin Hastings, Eleanor Miceli-Spieker

2012:  Brittany Baeder, Francesco Maiorca, Brooke Stafford, Lily Thompson, Taylor Lee Stephens