Avon Bicycle Rodeo – Safe Bicycling for Children

Nine Avon Police Officers and Lieutenants instructed 51 Avon children ages 7-11 in Safe Bicycling Practices at the Bicycle Rodeo on Saturday, June 4, 2022.  The Avon Parks and Recreation Department pre-registered the children, organized the two sessions and coordinated the event.  Reed Allen and employees of Reed Allen State Farm Insurance Agency provided new helmets for each rider and assisted with the process.  North Coast Rotarians, Joe Matuscak, Doug Maurer, Bob Murphy, Allen Porter and Jinnyn Tata, helped the Avon Police and Avon Rec Department employees manage the traffic and check-in of incoming students and at the various skill stations.  Students and parents were appreciative of the opportunity to become safer bicyclists and thanked the Avon Police Department for the Bicycle Rodeo.

The hands-on instruction included bicycle safety inspections checking wheel alignment, brake operation, and inflating tires. The officers checked the fit of each rider’s bicycle helmet, replacing them with new ones if needed. Following the safety inspection students rode through a series of skill stations related to everyday riding situations – practicing starting and stopping, the safe way to exit a driveway, negotiating intersections and avoiding common road hazards.