A big THANK YOU to Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka!

Mayor Zilka and Community Development Director Ted Esborn presented an update on the demolition, remediation and restoration of the Avon Lake Power Plant and its site.  They explained their proactive efforts to work with ALERG (Avon Lake Environmental Redevelopment Group) towards economic and community improvements in Avon Lake. (Updates available at:  https://www.avonlake.org/economic-development/power-plant-updates)

Rotarians and Marilyn Zeidner, Executive Director for Music on a Mission, took the opportunity to discuss Avon Lake Make Music Day plans for June 21st. This year most of the performances will be at Avon Lake High School, the Old Fire House and Veterans’ Park. Recognizing that the event is growing, Mayor Zilka committed to continue support of this initiative. See excerpts from last year’s performances here:  https://www.avonlake.org/digital-media/videos?action=show&video=MTcxNw==

Make Music Day Avon Lake

Celebrating with more than 1000 cities in 120 countries around the world, musicians, musical groups, singers, and performers entertained guests at Veteran’s and Bleser Park on Make Music Day Avon Lake on June 21st the summer solstice.  Despite temperatures in the mid-90’s people of all ages gathered to enjoy the multitude of performances at locations including the Bleser main stage, the porch of the Folger house, the grassy areas outside the ball fields, and the gazebo. Make Music Day Avon Lake was the inspiration of Marilyn Zeidner, Executive Director of Music on a Mission and co-founder of Project DREW.  For the 2022 event, North Coast Rotary assisted Marilyn in planning, organizing, marketing, fundraising and staffing. Read more here –  Make Music Day Avon Lake!