North Coast Rotary gets Flexible!

….with its meeting times, that is.  If a breakfast meeting doesn’t match with your busy schedule, we invite you to join us at one of our new monthly lunch meetings – the 4th Tuesday of the month at The Wine Room, 35840 Chester Road in Avon.  Lunch is served at 12:15 pm, and the meeting begins at 12:30 pm.  President Pete Sandrev has everyone out the door by 1:15 pm.  Check our website for a list of lunch dates.POA_Banners_Digital_1600x350_EN_Inspire

New Members Join Rotary

Induction Pete SandrevInduction Joe MatuscakInduction Anne Naumann

North Coast Rotary Club’s most recent new members include:  Pete Sandrev, co-owner of The Wine Room and also Owner/President of Powerhouse Gym (both in Avon),  Joe Matuscak of LCADA Way in Avon Lake, and Anne Naumann from Sprenger.  A few others who joined last Rotary year are James Miller, Howard Hanna Real Estate, Ben Hodge, Avon Schools and Staci Zawierucha with the Veteran’s Administration.

North Coast Rotary Club’s membership has grown from 21 members in 2013 to 35 as of today.  Every week at our meetings or events, we share our Rotary stories with guests in hopes of their support as members or friends.  Membership growth has allowed us to take on more projects and will help our Club make more financial contributions to the community and region.