7th Annual Four-Way Test Speech Contest at North Coast Rotary

Is it the truth; is it fair; will it build goodwill and better friendships; will it be beneficial?  These are the goals of Rotary’s Four-Way Test and the challenge for the Avon, Avon Lake, and Brookside high school speech contestants who competed at the North Coast Rotary club meeting on February 5th in Avon Lake.

After much preparation and supported by their teachers, five contestants presented to a group of Rotarians, parents, teachers and guests. The topics of their speeches included, The Lack of Competition; Pay and Workplace Inequality; First Impressions and its Pitfalls; Sexual Harassment and the MeToo movement and Givers, Takers and Matchers, the Value of Labels.

Past Rotary Club President Dr. John Crooks facilitated the Contest for North Coast Rotary, including securing independent judges Esperanza Correa from LCCC and Dr. Robert Young from Baldwin Wallace University.  Contestants were judged on multiple dimensions of delivery, originality and content.

After much deliberation and a referral to Contest Rules in order to break a tie, the winners were announced:

ALHS Junior Marguerite Smith for First Place and  $300

AHS Senior Abigail McNichols for Second Place and $200

BHS Junior Marlee Kovalik for Third Place and $100

ALHS Senior Alex Stamatis for Fourth Place

ALHS Freshman Mallory Roof for Fourth Place

 In March, ALHS Junior Marguerite Smith has the opportunity to compete at the Rotary 6600 District Level in Van Wert, Ohio.


Rotary Fights to Eradicate Polio

Think Polio has been eradicated?   Carolyn Huston, District 6600 chair for the Polio Plus campaign, updated North Coast Rotary Club on the fight.  Thirty years ago when Rotary got involved with the eradication of polio, there were 1,000 new cases every day, world-wide.  Today, polio is minimally active in a few countries.  The goal, of course, is total eradication as was done with smallpox.  If all of the polio virus is not eradicated, it would take just 10 years for it to flourish once again, world-wide.

It would polio-updatebe, as Carolyn said, just a plane ride away [from the US].  Rotary International is determined to finish off this disease, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Total eradication is measured by no new cases for three years; vaccination would continue for 10 years beyond that.

Contributions can be made directly to Rotary International at http://www.endpolio.org or contribute to the Polio Eradication campaign by playing the “Puttin-Out-Polio” golf game at the September 24th Avon Home Depot Safety Fair and the October 6th Avon Lake Great Pizza Bake-off. 

Scholarships for High School Seniors


For High School Seniors from Avon High School, Avon Lake High School and Brookside High School, the Rotary Club Foundation will fund a total of six scholarships; one for each high school and one for each program – Interact and Strive.

Scholarship applications are accepted beginning in March and decisions are made in May.  Each high school guidance office has the scholarship application forms.  Eligibility requirements include acceptance by and enrollment in a four-year college or university.

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