2017-2018 Officer Installation and Recognition Event

July marks the start of a new year for North Coast Rotary Club whose Officers  were installed at a Recognition and Installation dinner at Parkers in Avon Lake .  Assisting with the Installation are long-standing Rotarians John Daly and Susan Grachanin.   Officers for the


2017-2018 year include John Crooks- President, Peter Sandrev-Vice President (President Elect), Ben Hodge-Vice President Nominee, Mary Crehore-Secretary, Larry Calabrese-Treasurer, Frank Krempasky-Deputy Treasurer, Jinnyn Tata-Immediate Past President, Bob Scott-Foundation Administrative Coordinator and Linda Garceau Foundation at-Large Trustee.North Coast Rotary also recognized Curtis and Marilyn Weems for their support of Rotary through their dedicated scholarships for seniors, Pat Czech for her leadership in the preservation of student-made stained glass windows at Brookside and outgoing Foundation Administrative Coordinator Mark Musial.


Little Dresses International Project

Over 120 childrens’ dresses  were given to Jack Hopkins (center first row) to take on his next trip to Africa.  Jack is a Rotarian and Methodist missionary who has worked in Haiti, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Liberia.  Dresses were made by Rotarians from Oberlin Club and North Coast Club,  local church members, and students of multiple high schools.