STRIVE Mentoring Program

STRIVE (Students Taking a Renewed Interest in the Value of Education) is a mentoring program.  North Coast Rotary Club in collaboration with local high schools offers select and willing students an opportunity to work with Rotarians and community and business leaders. The goal is to assist students in improving their academic performance and preparing for their future.

In school year 2015/2016, the Club has partnered with the Urban League in its STRIVE program.  The short-term goal is to for students to achieve  high school graduation. Fees, grades, housing, are examples of the many obstacles that can stand in the way of a student’s progress. The newly formed partnership with the urban league has greatly improved the ability to meet these needs. The long-term goal is that the student is prepared for life after graduation including college, vocational school, trade school, military, or joining the workforce.

Each year, schools evaluate their needs and support for the STRIVE program. North Coast Rotary Club’s STRIVE program history follows:

2015/2016: Avon High School and Brookside High School

2014/2015:  None

2013/2014:  Brookside High School

2012/2013:  Avon Lake High School and Brookside High School

2011/2012:  Avon Lake High School

2010/2011:  Avon Lake High School and Brookside High School

2005-2010: Avon High School, Avon Lake High School and Brookside High School