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The District and Club database was developed to assist districts and clubs to meet their administrative reporting requirements to Rotary International, and to foster easier communications within the district for the district leadership, district committees, club leadership, and of course the members of Rotary Clubs.  You can find contact information on all Club members and also for members of other Rotary Clubs.  Most importantly, you can keep your “Rotary Member Record” up-to-date.  Click below to sign in.


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Welcome to My Rotary, a place for members of Rotary to access tools and information to make your membership experience better.  See how the Rotary Foundation is helping all over the world, find a club where you are traveling to, take advantage of on-line learning opportunities and more!  Click below to sign-in.

Rotary District 6600

North Coast Rotary club is part of Rotary District 6600. Rotary District 6600 includes 64 clubs and over 3,500 members in Northern Ohio​.  Find out what’s happening in our District;  sign-up for newsletters; register for events and more!  Click below to sign-in.

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North Coast Rotary 2020-2021 Annual Dues

Your payment includes: RI dues, District 6600 dues, Club activity fees, and donations to Rotary International Foundation ($10), North Coast Rotary Foundation ($70) and ShelterBox ($5) and $6.50 in credit card fees.