Club Members

NAME and Position If Any
DeeDee Alvelo
Tom Brock (Honorary Member)
Larry Calabrese – Treasurer
Jason Coe
Mary Crehore – Past President, Secretary
John Crooks – President
John Daly – Past President
Gina Eschke – Past President, Youth Services Chair
Linda Garceau – Member Delegate Foundation, Service Projects Chair
Susan Grachanin – Past President
Ben Hodge – Vice President Nominee
Donna Kelly Sprinkle
Frank Krempasky
Joan Leibacher

Tesa Lutz – Avon Great Pizza Bake-off Co-Chair

Joe Matuscak
Doug Maurer – Past President, Youth Exchange Chair, Assistant Governor, STRIVE Co-chair
James Miller III
Bob Murphy – Past President
Anne Naumann
Susan Poole
Allen Porter – Membership Chair/ STRIVE Co-chair
Tom Porter – Past President
Cathy Pugh – Past President
Bon Russell – Past President and Charter Member
Rebecca Russell – Great Pizza Bake-off Fundraiser Chair
William Rutger

Pete Sandrev – Vice President and President Elect/ Sip & Support Fundraiser Chair

Bob Scott – Past President/ Foundation Administrative Coordinator
Jinnyn Tata -Immediate Past President
Jim Wenske

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